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Detox Yourself

CRAVE has designed a cleanse program especially for busy Hong Kong people. This is an ideal way to begin before undertaking any of our nutrition plans. Simply replace your three meals a day with six bottles of 16 oz freshly pressed raw (unpasteurized) vegan juices and nut milks. Our formulas are designed to provide maximum nutrition with minimum calories, and we deliver them right to your door.

During the cleanse, you will have enough energy and nutrients to carry you through your busy day. You don’t have to stop working or set aside the ‘perfect’ time to cleanse. In fact, the perfect time to cleanse is right now!

There are three levels of the juice cleanse; Boost - 1 day, Beginner - 3 days, Intermediate - 6 days and Advanced - 10 days. You may also wish to Mix them and buy six or eight juices to pack your day with fresh-organic fruits and veggies.

Of course, the longer you commit to the cleanse, the cleaner your body will become, but don’t rush into a decision. Select your duration based on your activity level and your goals. And NEVER abuse your body by attempting too many fasting rituals and practices as an attempt at weight loss.

You'll be given a series of healthy juices that start off sweet and progress to the more savoury (vegetable) side of the spectrum. By the final day of the challenge, you won't believe you ever scoffed at a friend sipping on a vibrant green juice.

Different options are available based on your level of experience:

- Classic Reset Cleanse: Easiest option if you are new to it. Contains a higher proportion of fruits.

- Ritual Cleanse: Containing 98% greens this option is more demanding but gives great results in kicking toxins out of your body.

- New Greens Cleanse: A mix of greens and detoxifying spices, such as turmeric and ginger.

We feel that best results happen after a minimum of 3 days. After a juice cleanse you will feel refreshed and energised!

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