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What DNA analysis tells about the right Nutrition and Fitness' programmes?

As you know, proper nutrition is the most important factor for optimal results (80%). But, what is proper nutrition? Is it the same for everyone? No. 

One size does not fit all and one diet, or one 'Recommended Daily Dose' does not suit all. 
Are you sensitive to saturated fat? Do you burn fat efficiently? What is your daily requirements in Vitamins, Omega-3?

The science of nutrigenomics tells you which diet is right for You.

Train more or less frequently? How intense should your workout be? Risk of overtraining? Should you consider adding cardio training to your weight training routine? This is only one part of the serie of questions that we can begin asking ourselves. 

What your DNA tells us about YOU ?

Our genes are the whole body's instruction manual. That instructs our cells how to function. They are a big part of who we are and so they naturally influence our skin, health and fitness. By knowing more about your DNA, you may be able to take steps towards living a healthier life. 
Keep in mind that many conditions are also influenced by other factors like environmental factors. Our service is for scientific, educational and nutritional information only and is not intended to diagnose, cure or treat any disease, disorder or condition.

Research shows that the perfect Healthy lifestyle is based on 50% DNA analysis and 50% Lifestyle analysis.

Your Options:

  • I want to know what is the best program for me
DNA test + 1 hour analysis with a Nutritionist
1-hour assessment with a Nutritionist - Fitness coach
    • I know what works, just want to be healthier
    3-days Detox: 1300 HKD (options available)
    1-month Nutrition - Fitness - Coaching (options available)
    1-hour appointment with a Nutritionist or Life coach
      • I am starting from scratch
      All in One package 


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